Who has time for work? Haha!

Who has time for work? Haha!

You know those times when you are trying your hardest to get a moment to do something but absolutely nothing is going right for you so you aren’t getting anything done? If that feeling could be a week, that would have been last week. Ha ha. Y’all I cant even remember all of the details but I surely know that anytime I tried to work, it was a struggle. I would get started and then immediately someone needed my attention. To which I surely don’t mind but my goodness! 


Tuesday we had an impromptu dental visit for my kids as we were suppose to be rescheduled from back in November. I realized I never heard from them so I made the call to get back onto the schedule but they surprised me with saying that they had openings that day in just a few short hours. We walked away from that visit with finding out that my daughter will now need to be fitted for braces. They continue to warn me that my son will need them too when he grows up but I didn’t know about my daughter until that visit. 


Wednesday I was in the middle of getting some candle work done when I received a message that our sweet Kaia’s (she passed away on the 1st)  ashes were ready to be picked up. Y’all I rushed out of the house without even thinking. I left so much plugged in in the house that it was a bit alarming how much I just dropped everything and left. Ive been waiting for this call and to finally hear it, I rushed on out. Thankfully when I got home everything was ok and we didn’t need to be concerned. But then I went back to working on candles and getting different orders packed up and ready to ship out. 


Thursday was a bit of a slower day. I was feeling a tad on the tired side but still got up and get lots accomplished. We went to the chiropractors office and he readjusted my jaw this round in addition to my back. I cant even begin to say how much the jaw adjustments actually help relieve some discomfort that I create during my sleep. I apparently like to clench my jaw a lot while sleeping. Even using an over the counter night guard is not doing anything. I plan to call in the big guns and get an appointment with the dentist to be fitted with a proper night guard. Essentially we are having lots of dental issues. Ha Ha!


This week was a bit on the calmer side but it was definitely a bit of a struggle to get work done. Hoping that next week will turn out to be a better week! 

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