Whirlwind week!

Whirlwind week!

What a week it has been! Usually January means that we have a little bit of a slower month compared to the rest. I take this time to work around the house more and honestly rest up some. A balancing act with chronic illness is much needed but it definitely is a way for myself to take time to relax some. So in true standard January fashion, we spent the time working on the homestead. 


This week we took time to work on the homestead with cleaning up outside! On Saturday managed to clean up a good 3/4 of the yard from all the leaves we had piling up! Followed up by clearing out our stream, adding to the burn pile, moving lots of leaves and picking up around the house in preparation for the rain that was to arrive on Sunday. 


Thankfully the rain wasn’t too bad this round and we got away with a nice slow shower on Sunday. It always calls for groceries and staying inside. But this was the day we took to relax the most. Groceries were literally the most we did the entire day. It was much needed. 


Monday started out with such a strange bang. I finally was asleep by midnight Sunday night then woke up at 4 am. Ok this was a funny one. My husband was watching Yellowstone and at 4 am there was a massive gun fight during the show. I woke up with my fists ready for some reason thinking I was going to bring fist to a gun fight if that was going on in my house. Obviously it wasn’t but that scared the daylights out of me and I was awake until 8 am. Finally I fell back to sleep from 8-9:45. Woke up ready for the day and I took advantage of the nice weather so we could be outside cleaning up some of the leaves from the front yard. My kids ended up not wanting to be outside for long so we didn’t get too far on that project. But we did manage to get a lot of pallets moved and leaf piles made. Then inside for lunch, homeschool, packing orders and some cleaning of the house. 


Tuesday was the day we went to all of the stores to make sure what level of candle stock we had. The Nook and Cranny needed some restocking for sure on the candle department. I have some wax melts too that I need to take over but I had those ready after I did all of my running. Once all of the stores were stocked, I came home to work on some more candles and orders that needed to be shipped. I managed to completely break every single wax melt I poured for one scent so that delayed one of my orders. But thankfully it was an easy fix and we got that taken care of when we got home that night. 


Wednesday we took some time to run out that order to be shipped out, made a dump run to the local dump, and a few more stops that I am forgetting about. This trip we took the entire family out to enjoy the time. Once we were home I once again started in on the candles that needed to be made for orders! I forgot to say Tuesday we started the process of reorganizing our bedroom but Wednesday I took the time to actually finish it out. It took a decent chunk of time trying to get everything settled but it was the perfect time to also organize the candle items too. My husband and I tried to have a bread bake off but we both managed to forget that a we started the bread and didn’t actually do anything past the original mix. Meaning, our bread did not rise and we wasted some start. But once again, oh well! We had a massive chuckle on how much we tried and completely failed! 


Thursday was the day to rest. I have been so sore since Saturday and my muscles finally said it was enough. This was the perfect time to take care of my body and be a little lazy. More orders packed and ready to be shipped out, cleaned up my work space, homeschooling and some time to read. We thankfully went to the Chiropractor today shortly after my shoulder and neck started to struggle with wanting to have a spasm. We got in and managed to get it taken care of before too much pain took over. The Chiro managed to punch it a few times and I know by tomorrow I will feel like my normal self. It takes me the rest of the day to work out the “kinks” of the adjustment but usually that completely fine! With kids doing karate and it being a slower night, I can manage to rest up some more to help the adjustment. I will be using CBD oil cream to help with the adjustment. Im currently writing all of this while they are in their karate class so Im guessing tonight I will end up getting home, cleaning up from karate and chilling in bed before falling asleep early tonight! 


This week managed to be the week of working more so outside and honestly this weekend will be the same. We have just a few more projects to finish and I can see some of them being a bitt of a back buster. But we will have to tell y’all what we get into next blog! Strangely as I am writing this I want to do some baking. So put a pin in this and we will see if I actually do decide to bake too!

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