What An Event!

What An Event!

It was a sense of community and love that spread through out this past weekends event with BL Makers Market. What was suppose to be a fun event out doors with lots of community through out the streets turned fast when the winds came flowing through. In the early hours of the morning the call was made to move the event to a different location for the safety of everyone involved. With the community behind this event, it was able to be moved into our local Woman’s Club building. But the rest of the time is where the beauty came to be. 


We arrived just around 7:30 am and instantly we noticed the presence of so many volunteers in one building. Many were moving tables and setting up the entire building for this event. Once walking into the building we were greeted by Blythe, the owner of BL Makers Market, and she just took control of the entire change. Im not sure how she felt during the whole event but as a vendor and a fortunate creator with BL Makers Market, I felt she took charge and truly shined with getting everything handles. With local police, volunteers and our own family, everyone was able to be moved into the building to their spaces very fast. It was a massive all hands on deck kind of deal. The literally feeling of community just swarmed the entire space. 


During the entire event I was just amazed by how many people showed up for the event! Once again the community support was just overwhelmingly nice. It was amazing to see how one event brought out so many people! But what I loved more was being able to connect with so many customers. I had the opportunity to share with everyone the product we have available at BL Makers Market but also the products we do not carry at their store too. Everyone was so sweet and truly loved being able to support small business. 


The best part though, Im sorry to those that didn’t fit in this category, but it was meeting the other makers. Blythe has taken it upon herself to try and build the community even in the makers field. She brought all of the potters together and their friendships have grown. This weekend I was finally able to meet the other candle maker that’s part of BL Makers Market and I truly just loved taking the time to get to know her. What a beautiful soul to meet! But I also met a potter and wood worker that both were just genuinely wonderful souls. The time was spent talking personal life but also giving each other tips on what works for our business’s. I absolutely loved hearing their input and knowledge. 


To go to an event and literally be surrounded by people I don’t know but walk away feeling like I just gained a family was absolutely astounding. I would have to say this all is because of Blythe and the group of workers that help run BL Makers Market. They genuinely show love to everyone that comes to the store but also love to connect the makers so we can show support to each other! What a beautiful achievement to accomplish with the simplicity of a business. 

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