Well that was a blurr!

Well that was a blurr!

This blog is going to be a tad different from the first big blog. I gotta try out different styles to figure out what feels like it fits best with this all. But also my personal life this week was a tad bit crazy as all moms and dads will understand. So lets get into this as a mix of last week and a little bit like a standard blog/story style! 


Saturday: Our event with UMC in Thomasville went so well. We enjoyed every minute of it, even the not so glamorous side of it. In the morning my mom and kids went to the event with me and while setting up, my mother and myself managed to injure ourselves in the process. You could say it runs in the family apparently! With all hands on deck we managed to set up the booth space pretty fast compared to this one woman show that typically happens in the years past. Sadly the family hang out did not last long as my mom and kids ended up taking the time to go to my house. The kids were too excited that Nan was down to visit and they didn’t want to be at the candle event anymore. To which, seriously, can you blame them? I surely understood. But they headed out and I took the time to enjoy the event on my own and had a blast meeting many new people. The first crazy moment for myself was that I actually recognized people that visited the event. That sounds silly but being in a new state it takes time to get to that point. But this was a pretty nice surprise! Once the event ended we ended up hanging out as a family and my mom made her way back home. 


Sunday: This is our day that we typically make sure to have family time and go for groceries. But today we decided to try a new store called Earth Sage in Winston-Salem. It is a refill store where you can take your own containers to fill up with different items like soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and so much more. We have to be careful for my daughters coconut allergy in all products but we were so excited to find a few items that would work just perfectly for us! Once we finished we headed for coffee and then to groceries. Once home we once again chilled out some and cleaned up the house. 


Now here is where the blur of life happens. Monday- Thursday. Signs started Monday night that my son was not feeling well. (Insert all parents going “ahhhh, yes, I see where this is going”) He started to feel really warm to the touch and he said his nose was stuffy. From that point on all I know is he had a fever for a few days, slept in our room for a few days, he didn’t move much from the couch and he really felt like crap. We managed to break his fever and got him on the mend. But we also remember back when he was a baby and every time he had a tooth coming through he would have this same exact struggle. He just lost a tooth and the new one is coming in now. So we are waiting to see on the next tooth if this happens again but he seems to have either a struggle with growing in teeth or he spiked a fever randomly. So in the middle of this we kept up with what we could on the house front and outside front. My husband and I tag teamed on taking care of our son so neither of us would get too far behind on work. We managed to clean up a little outside too as Friday we were expecting a lot of rain. We managed to get the wood piled against the house, leaves blown from the stream, our burn pile set up for the next fire day and cleared the garden beds. I managed to get some website work done for candles, made candles, create a list for supplies needed for my weekend event, and cleaned up inventory. Many projects and random things done this week but I surely can not even begin to remember just how things went. 


Friday: We managed to wake up to some heavy rain coming down outside. The obvious moment of “not going to be working much outside today” went through our heads. It ended up stopping not too crazy long into the morning to which was perfect timing for myself to run outside and pack up the car for my event tomorrow! Its always a huge help to be able to get a majority of the items packed up the night before so the morning of events can be as fast as lightening to pack up! I like to pack all the display items the night before and in the morning I will pack up all of the candles, discount items, pot simmers and room sprays. Once all of that was done, I slowly checked more off of my to do list and tried to take it a little easy today. I started to feel my body going towards the drained side so I knew I needed to take a moment to rest before pushing it too far. That’s one of the harder things to do, listening to my body. But we are slowly learning when to really listen to what my body says instead of continuing to push further. Its my train of thought to continue and when I finish whatever Im working on then I can take a break. But instead I am realizing that sometimes I need to stop in the middle of the task and essentially push the pause button so that I can continue to stay out of chronic illness’s way. It may have taken me 25 years of living with chronic illness but I am getting there! Ha! So as I am writing this here on Friday evening, I plan to take an easier night tonight by putting away some laundry, popping in an audio book and blogging on our homestead page. Nothing crazy but a more so chill night. Maybe a movie night will ensue for the kids! 


I hope you all have a great week! Tomorrows event is one I can’t wait to attend! 

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