Two for the week!

Two for the week!

L&R Aromas Blog 1/27/23


Let’s break it down y’all! I am posting a second blog post this week explaining our Sunday-Tuesday as those days alone took up an entire blog post on their own. So this one is going to be a short one as, not gonna lie, the rest of the week was a tad bit calmer than the rest of the week. 


Saturday we spent the time outside working on our homestead doing lots of projects. We accomplished cleaning up the leaf piles, tearing down the last boxed garden bed, tearing down some coverings on chicken coops, piled up trash for the next dump run, and took down a tree. We have a project coming up on that some trees need to be cleared for so we started with one tree this weekend. The plan is to continue with this project in the next two weeks or so. Then we went inside and continued to clean the house and that is where the next blog post comes into play.

For Sunday to Tuesday, I am going to recommend that you watch for the second blog post so you can see exactly what went on! 


Wednesday we finally were getting back to the normal part of life and started to clean up from the house being taken over by my daughter. She had her stuff in the living room, dining room and my bedroom. I took the time to even wash all of her stuffed animals and blankets to make sure that she had a massive reset for her room. I wanted to make sure she could move in and take her time getting herself set before mom had to come in and clean again. 


Thursday and its once again time for karate! This morning I woke up with a massive migraine so it took me a little bit before I could get out of bed. But let’s get personal because y’all I have a funny story and now need to know if anyone else deals with this. It has happened twice this week so let me hear from y’all! I have noticed that the moment I decide to not put a bra on while I am staying home, it is the exact moment that some male needs to show up to my house. Thankfully my husband has been able to intercept the person so I can quickly run to the bathroom and throw the thing on. But none the less every time it happens. It can literally be a friend that randomly stops by or it can be someone stopping by to work. We changed internet providers last week and they hooked everything up but said they needed to come back to dig the line into the ground. Ok, not a problem, but it was a week later and they randomly showed up on Monday and then again on Thursday. Both days I was in the same situation. I thought I was good and I wanted to be relaxed (my ladies understand this) so I skipped the bra, shoot I don’t even do this often but the one week I decided to, bam here comes company. Y’all I have been busting up about this all week. It literally is the most ridiculous thing that happens but I seriously cant be the only one with this issue. 


Now onto the rest of Thursday. I found myself randomly making a dessert that I had absolutely no intentions of making but there I was baking. It took just like 5 minutes as it was a no bake item. But then the kids were practicing karate while I was cleaning up the house. Then I had to drop them off at Karate with their dad as I ran to the Chiropractor quick for an adjustment. Funny enough he was adjusting my back and he said “well you really are making me work this week” and I knew that this past weeks projects really took a toll. I felt it but I had to chuckle as just how bad it was. He kept trying to adjust the same spot a few times and finally it went into place. Now as I write this the kids are finishing up karate and after this we are going to pick up a few things from the grocery store so we can do stores in the fireplace tonight. Im looking forward to the deliciousness and the fun we have planned for the rest of the evening! 

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