The Project That Took A Week!

The Project That Took A Week!

The weekends always seem to be the time we really go crazy with the projects before settling into the week full of work. This past week has been the same was our typical weeks before! We spent Saturday going crazy working on out homestead and trying to catch up on simple tasks. It ended up that we cleaned out our goat shed, cleaned up the garden, cleaned out the chick shed, cleaned out the rabbit area and just simple clean up all around outside. About half of the day was spent outside just trying to get a few random but necessary tasks done. 


Sunday we took the time to recover and enjoy some time with our neighbor. Brenda across the street has turned into my southern best friend and we get lost in conversations! She will tell me all about the times of when her husband, Dale, was around and even times when they were dating. He sadly has passed away a few years before my father passed but its a small comfort to have someone understand the loss of a person so close to you. We also love talking about food and getting lost in all the food we need to try soon. She recently told me about 3 different dips that I really need to try asap! But then by the end of the food conversation we are both starving and wishing we had food with us at the current moment. Im thinking next time we need to actually bring snacks out to enjoy while we sit down. Haha! 


Monday was a bit of another day where I genuinely felt off on my energy level. I did not really get too much done even though I had a decent to do list. I could not fight the lack of energy but when we went to my kids karate class, that is exactly when the energy found its way back into my system. I managed to get a lot of computer work done for candles, blogging done and planned out the rest of my weeks to do list. Once we got home from Karate, it was off to bed with the kids and that’s when I started the carpet cleaning journey for my daughters room. 


Tuesday surely made up for the day before lack of energy. I managed to clear the mass majority of the to do list and the most exciting part… we ordered candle scents!!!! Y’all its always my favorite getting all of the next seasons scents ordered. We also managed to plan out and order scent of the month through August! Now we just need to make and get photos of these candles in preparation to release these every month. I also made sourdough brownies, sourdough granola and harvested and dehydrated a pomegranate. Next I once again started with carpet cleaning my daughters carpet. It has taken me multiple rounds but its still looking a bit of a mess so we shall continue on with the cleaning. Oh I forgot to say, I had to do a post it note planning for the scents so I will share that photo then on social media. It cracked me up on how bad it was needed so I could actually think through the scents. 


Wednesday was another day of busting the butt with projects and candle work.  Yet another day trying to clean my daughters floors and at this point I am seriously debating if the carpet is going to be saved. We will see soon! Not that I want to replace the carpet but it may be needed if I cant get it cleaned up! But anywho, the youngest pup but the biggest pup, was all about the momma’s. Anywhere mom went, he went. He was actually gentle and full of the kisses for mom. My husband spent the day smoking some pork and getting bacon ready for later use. He had to smoke it so that once we are ready to eat it we can just pan fry it and then eat it. Smoking helps add some flavor into the pork and y’all know we had to sample a piece while he was cutting it up! 


Thursday, the craziest day so far! I woke up and took a bit of a slower day to start. It started with a dental appointment for a standard clean up and I seriously cant brag enough on this dental group! They continue to make sure that my dental health is strong. They let me know that I will need to get a mouth guard for at night time because I have been clenching my mouth too much and it is causing lots of discomfort in my jaw. To the point I woke up with a headache this morning. I just chuckle that my husband has married such an attractive person when it comes to sleeping. Haha. The dude deals with a grump and now one that has to get a mouth piece. Once I finished the appointment I went home and our new internet provider had some guys out to put in the new hook ups. Two of them worked outside while one working inside and under our house. They really busted their butts and got it done pretty fast. While they worked, I once again worked on my daughters carpet and plan to try one more time to get it cleaned before I call it quits. We headed to the chiropractor where they Chiro cracked my neck so good but my goodness was it loud. My neck usually is not full of cracks but it surely was today! Then to Karate again for the kids! Once again I am writing all of this while they are at practice so I am only guessing that tonight once I get home, I will go for one more round of carpet cleaning and then head to bed. I can feel it today but I did also make the mistake to drink coffee later in the evening since I had to go to the dentist this morning. We shall see how the night ends! 

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