The Inspiration is Showing

The Inspiration is Showing


I think I can say this may be my crowd to talk to when I speak during this blog. A lot of people will say that I am very spoiled or blessed because I have a husband that is so willing to help out around the house and take over some of the household chores. I would fully agree but let me add that it doesn’t mean that I am not doing anything around the house. I spend most of my days busting butt trying to further this business and trying to get our name out there even more. Plus the standard of cleaning the house, homeschooling and lately lots of random appointments. Haha. But with the past year I have seriously struggled with the desire to bake and cook. 


The lack of passion for baking and cooking last year should have been a red flag but I obviously did not think to much of it. But now that we are a year out of no desire to bake or cook, I have finally realized that I may in fact have burn out on this front. My husband has been such a wonderful help and he has stepped up to making dinner. It started out that I would still meal plan the entire week and he would just cook. Well within the last few months we have changed out habits of eating and now we go to the store and just load up on veggies and fruits and then go from there. He usually ends up making some sort of meal that he just honestly threw items together. Strangely this has actually really helped our budget but that’s besides the point. Haha. Any who, the passion for baking and cooking has gone out the door. 


That is until this past week. I have been noticing that I will randomly want to make a dessert and sadly won’t have the ingredients needed. So this past weekend we went for groceries and I made sure to add in lots of different baking items so that I wouldn’t have this issue again. Essentially I wanted to set myself up for success if the passion spiked again. Well thankfully it did! I ended up making Sugar cookies (x2), tiramisu, Hot Cocoa mix, Nut allergy friendly macarons, Strawberry Pistachio bar and “Snicker” dates. I know that seems like a lot of items to have baked but I started to realize that I couldn’t plan that I was going to bake. I had to wake up and feel inspired. It was like the “being forced” to bake and cook would make me want to revolt and not actually do the task. But the moment I felt inspired and felt like it would be fun to “play in the kitchen,” that is when I could actually bake.


Essentially a little fire was sparked and we are slowly adding that kindling to the fire to ease it into a nice fire. Ive started to notice with myself that with these burn out moments it is best to give myself the break that is needed and then to slowly ease back into it. I know that lots of us struggle at times so I wanted to bring this idea up to you all too. Maybe you are having a burn out season but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. It could mean that you need a moment to just relax and take a break. But then get up and slowly ease back into whatever burnt you out. For me, it was my passion, I love baking and cooking but for a season I couldn’t enjoy it any more. I plan to let my husband continue to make dinner for a while but my goal is to be able to take over a few meals a week so he can have a break too. He will thankfully work with me to ease back into this all but we have a start y’all! That is the best first few steps! 

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