Thanksgiving Week!

Thanksgiving Week!

Let me start with this… Ive got jokes this week. Haha. You will not believe the things that I have done. Please enjoy how I explain myself too. Y’all I am busting up myself. 


Saturday- Woke up to a brisk morning outside and it turned packing up the car into a delayed event. I like to get up, pack up the car, get myself ready, pack up any personal items and then head on out to the car to leave. Well with the weather being so cold, I didn’t want the candles outside longer than they needed. I ended up having to wait until 20 minutes before leaving to finally load up the car. My entire family ended up coming with me to this event and I absolutely loved it but I felt so bad that they actually had to be outside in the cold the entire time. To add to that our friends came to hang out too. So 6 of us just sat outside freezing our butts off while I sold candles. It was truly a great time but now I laugh! Anywho, the event went amazingly! I absolutely loved being part of this event and look forward to next year! We got home and our friends came with. We spent the evening eating and then we started a bonfire. Here is funny story number one! We had to break down some tree limbs because they were a bit long and I figured this would help the guys to not need to move the limbs around as they burnt down. So I was standing on a limb, attempting to break it by pulling the limb in half. It was taking forever…. When all of the sudden it snapped, I started tripping backwards and ended up completely wiping out and falling on my back. I said something like “It broke, I did it, Im fine.” Then proceeded to cry laughing because of in that short amount of falling time, I had 20 different thoughts run through my head.  Once the fire was done our friends spent the night in our camper and I went to bed sore as all get out from attempting to wreck myself. 


Sunday- Our friends stayed the night so in the morning we all had breakfast together and played a few rounds of games. They too have a homestead so they had to head home to tend to their animals. We ended up heading out for groceries and having to make a few different pit stops for all that we needed. Once we got home I started to put away the groceries. (Funny part number 2) In our family we have a cheese drawer in the fridge. We love cheese. Well I went to put the cheese away and didn’t noticed how I had pulled the drawer out. When all of the sudden it dropped and landed directly on my foot. Right on the toe. My face showed that I felt it and I hobbled away so my husband could take care of all of the food that fell. Once I came down from that pain level, I managed to finish with putting the groceries away and continue on with the day. I spent the evening working on cleaning up the house some, making pot simmers for stores, organizing stock for this weeks store restock and planned out our week a little bit. 


Monday- This morning started off like my typical mornings. I started on dishes, laundry and cleaning up the house. Im not sure if anyone else feels it but I seem to always be cleaning up the house. It’s the norm and I’m just giving a heads up that you will see this a lot! Lots of cleaning! Anywho, I managed to get a lot off the to do list while my kids were making decorations for Thanksgiving. They absolutely love to make arts and crafts to decorate the house. Now I should work on getting the bats off the wall from halloween as that seems to not fit with the theme so much. They had to take a few breaks from decorating as we had to do school for them and they needed to clean their rooms. (Third funny) I went to grab a cast iron skillet to make the kids lunch when I accidentally hit another cast iron skillet off of it peg. That thing went straight for me and bam, hit my left arm so hard and they fell to the ground. My husband thought it was my foot but thankfully only my arm. After another moment of breathing I managed to finally get myself moving again. Once the house was taken care of, school was printed and I checked the plans for work, I managed to actually start on the candle front. I made stock for the next event that I have, responded to some emails/messages, organized more inventory to take to events, updated discount items on the website and so much more that I forget. But it was a night spent with working and catching up on the candle front! 


Tuesday- Chronic Illness Fatigue has really been roaring its ugly head for the past about 2 weeks. But this day it was one of the more difficult days. Our family did some errands quick and then back home where I finished working on stock for events, made pumpkin whoopie pies, did laundry and finished the evening with work. I did manage to get a lot done for such a difficult fatigue day. Usually on these days it feels like I need to sleep for days on end and I would still be tired. One these days, I usually try to squeeze in a nap if possible, take lots of breaks and getting to bed at a decent time. I continued on my injury spree and went to our camper. I was leaving the camper and I didn’t watch my footing. I stepped on some leaves and instantly went sliding. Not too bad on the pain but my goodness we are 4 for 4 so far on wrecking days! 


Wednesday- Its the day before Thanksgiving and its the final prep for stores and metal planning. This morning I spent the time running to stores to drop off different restocks for each stores. Stokesdale Marketplace and Twin Deer Antiques received some pot simmers while The Nook & Cranny received more wax melts! Once I finished the restock I went home to work with my kids on getting the house cleaned up and caught up on their laundry. I also made some red beet eggs and some apple crisp pizza to which the pizza spilled all over the oven so I had to clean that tonight too. After lots of cleaning I managed to finally get to the candle work. My hope is to take tomorrow off from work and do some things around the house outside. But anywho, I pulled stock to restock the discount items in Stokesdale and priced them correctly for a Friday drop off. I also got our camper organized a ready for some of my family to come and visit. My mother, sister and nephew are coming down to visit and I genuinely can’t wait to see them. Its always a short visit but Im thankful for the time. 


Thursday- Thanksgiving- This is always the type of day that I hope for when it comes to the Holidays. We took a lazy morning around the house and genuinely enjoyed our time relaxing. The turkey went into the smoker in the morning but we didn’t get the side started until the afternoon. It was a very quick and easy time cooking and prepping for the meal as my husband joined me in the kitchen with the cooking. We worked like a well oiled machine aside from his bad case of the clumsy. Haha! Around 4 we had our friends arrive for dinner and spent the rest of the time eating, talking and playing games. A simple but wonderful evening! 

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