Sunday Funday.... Not So Much!

Sunday Funday.... Not So Much!

Its been a while 5 days of continuously trying to carpet clean my daughters bedroom and just when you think progress was made, it wasn’t. I would literally finish the evening thinking “ok, tomorrow will be the day this is finished, we totally got this” but that was never the case.  By day 5 my husband finally came to me saying” let’s talk about the floors.” Saturday night was spent talking about if we should pull her carpet even though we both knew that was the only route to go. We both knew that we wouldn’t allow her to stay in a room that smelled of some scent we couldn’t figure out. So we decided to change it all but I said I wanted to wait to rip up the carpet until right before we started the project. My concern was that we would get to the store and not be able to find the flooring we would need. Then we would have to just make due with either her using whatever was under the carpet or we would have to have her continue with sleeping in her brothers room while all of her items were spread out around the house. So with that in mind we went to bed Saturday with the mission that Sunday we would go out and purchase flooring for her room and then come home to put it down. 



Sunday morning we started our journey with the first trip to Lowes. Once we were there we picked up a few of the supplies we needed but didn’t see the flooring we were hoping to pick up. To which this would be more our price range than anything else we were finding. We also thought the design was perfect too. But as we were at Lowes we realized it was in fact not in stock and we decided to go to a second location instead. The website did show that the flooring was in stock so we were going with confidence when we headed there. After a quick grocery run we went to the second Lowes location to pick up the flooring. Sadly we did not actually find the flooring in stock and a worker confirmed this too. So we had to purchase flooring that was more expensive and while we had the money, it wasn’t exactly the price range we were aiming for. Y’all know that moment, when you have the money but didn’t want to feel the crunch on it. We joked though that we would put a L&R Aromas sticker on the floor and say “sponsored by L&R Aromas” as a joke as this was all covered by the sales of candles. So thank you all!


We run back home and while we were ready to start the project we were hit with another surprise. The carpet was ripped up and we found the most beautiful Oak Hard wood flooring underneath it!!! Y’all I was so shocked by this! But this also meant that we were no longer covering it back up and we officially had the wrong supplies with us in the house. That meant we had to run back to Lowes to return the supplies and pick up new supplies where we could just refinish the floors instead. Finally by 6 pm at night we started the process of sanding the floors. Around 9:30 at night we were finally able to put down the stain and allowed that to set over night. 


Monday morning we picked up with the next round of the flooring by applying Polyurethane right in the morning. Then a few hours later we applied the next layer of Polyurethane and let it set until late in the evening! It was still a tad bit tacky when we got home from Karate on Monday night but we closed the windows and got it set for the night. 


Tuesday morning we woke up and the floors were ready to be walked on! Meaning I spent the morning working on deep cleaning my daughters walls, doors and windows since sanding the floor produced lots of dust in the air. By late morning we were able to start moving my daughter into her room again. She took this major opportunity to truly arrange the room to her liking. I don’t blame her. I would do the same. But her father and I took the time to follow her direction as we moved in all of the big items. She took over on all of the small items.


A process I really thought would take us maybe 2 days at most ended up taking us 8 days instead. We truly lucked out on the fact that we didn’t have to actually stay with paying $550 for flooring but were able to pay more so like $200. But I can say that it is nice to actually have that issue taken care of. Now the downside is that we may just have to refinish my sons floor sometime so we officially do not have any carpeted surfaces in the house. It’s becoming apparent that carpet is not always so fitting for a homestead. 

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