Some Weeks Aren't All Sunshine

Some Weeks Aren't All Sunshine

Saturday: Event day. My favorite kind of day. I absolutely love to get up and get myself ready for an event. I usually take the day before to pack up the car so I don’t have to worry about so much packing in the morning. I do have to get up and actually pack the candles and such, but the display items can be packed up the day before. This day though I accidentally woke up 30 minutes later than I had hoped. I saw the time and literally flew out of bed and ran to grab a shower. My husband thankfully sensed the panic and got up to help pack up the car! Once on the road I managed to get to the event with the perfect amount of time to set up. My daughter was in tow with me and we set up the display pretty fast. Our friends Chelsea and Taylor came to visit and hang out with us while we were at the event. The biggest help was when they helped tear down and get home! Once home Chelsea helped me with checking inventory for our discount sale and they stayed for dinner. Finally around 9 we got ourselves ready for bed and I can’t help but to brag but I was out cold by 9:30. This girl was dead tired! 


Sunday: A slow morning start was just what I needed. I laid in bed for a little bit until it was time to start the day. We like to take Sundays to be a little more chill and it usually is the perfect thing after an event day. We went out for groceries and then came home to grab lunch and then I started to clean. Where did that energy come from, I am not sure. I managed to clean a big amount of the house so that Monday could be an easier day around the house. I also managed to get orders packed, candles made, herbs put into mylar bags, laundry and set up our new camper. A day fully of random cleaning tasks but it was nice to get a lot done before the start of the week! 


Im going to be completely honest. We had some pretty big personal things happen this week that I plan to not speak upon. There are still some things that I need to keep personal and not actually discuss on social media. Sadly this incident really set me off into a little bit of a sad moment. I did manage to go to our stores to check our inventory levels so we can stock up for Black Friday. The rest of the week was a tad bit of a lower week. I managed to get myself ready for our last November event and took the time to make some more tea lights for samples. Now to wait for more business cards! 


A small blog this week but hey, this is a glimpse. Sadly as everyone knows we don’t always have the perfect days but we continue to push through. Working on keeping that head up but it’ll get better! 

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