Road Tripping the Weekend Away!

Road Tripping the Weekend Away!

When we last blogged we were saying that it was such a difficult time with getting things done without having a few interruptions when it comes to the candle front. The weekend managed to turn around and I couldn’t be happier with that! Saturday we spent a decent chunk of time outside working on the homestead as we have some projects that need tackling. Once we came inside I took the time to bust out a massive amount of candle work and filled our entire table with different stores stocks. But then there’s a printer issue where it’s not printing correctly so we had to order new ink and now its a waiting game for that to come in. 


Sunday we took the rainy day to grab groceries for the week, relax, clean up some and be with friends. I ended the night not feeling so well so I took it easy. 


Monday… y’all….. I didn’t remember until midnight the night before that I had blood work at 8 am. I panicked. I ended up getting up at 5:45 because I was panicked I wouldn’t remember to leave by 7:45 that morning. Thankfully I remembered and got to the appointment just fine. Once I got home I fell back to sleep as the entire morning I fought off an episode in the most natural way possible. I starved it. Usually with cyclical vomiting I need to use meds or mints to take down the nausea. But with bloodwork and a no eating or drinking order in place, I couldn’t do anything to help it. It took a lot of my fight out of my body so a mini nap was where I needed to go. Thankfully my husband works from home so he could help with the kids while I took care of myself. Once I was up though, we dived right into my kids schooling, made lots of candles, laundry and got the kids ready for Karate. Then we spent the rest of the night at Karate and running a few errands. 


Tuesday was spent working on as much candle work as I could at home. Not much to report on this day as it was just nonstop work!


Wednesday was spent running around to all of the stores to ensure everyone was stocked and ready to go for the rest of the month. I managed to get everyone stocked and then I got home to pack for a weekend away! 


Thursday- Sunday we took a trip to PA as Thursday was my mothers 60th birthday and I figured randomly showing up to grandmas house for dinner was the perfect surprise. My kids accompanied me on this trip and they were so excited to get sleepovers with Nana. Friday we celebrated my dads life (this was his 6th year since he passed) by being close as a family and eating out at local places that he absolutely loved. We shared some memories and that evening my nephew slept over with his cousins! Big stuff, that was his first sleepover without his parents! Saturday we took the time to go bowling and painted some ceramics, to which my mom will have to pick up, and then headed out to lunch. The rest of the evening we took it easy and relaxed. Sunday I woke up early and finished packing up the car so my kids and I could make the journey home. They really impressed me by not needing a break until we were only 2 hours away from home! That really helped the drive because Im the person that once I get into the flow of the drive, I need to be in that flow as long as possible. They may have been asleep for half of the time but it was a blessing. We got home early afternoon, unpacked, I napped and the kids and their father went out to the movies. Mom managed to take a relaxing night by myself and y’all I took that time to watch some Madea movies and read a book. I may have been getting some text messages but everyone waited. I needed that time so badly to just relax and recharge for the start of the week. 


One thing I have noticed is that, especially after trips, I need to take the time to relax and rest. I can’t keep going and going or my body will surely show that I am not invincible. I’d like to think that I am but let’s be real I am not. Taking care of my body is needed and its not selfish to do so. Trips take a lot out of my body but simply taking the first night back after a trip and being chill, is exactly what I need. 


This week coming up will be a butt busting candle work week. Y’all are going to see that is our stories on social media. Keep up with it if you would like to see what all is going on! Lots and lots of candle making! 


I’ll see ya later! 

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