Reaching for the Goals

It’s been a little while since we have blogged on here, but we are back! I am not going to lie this past few weeks have been a little bit on the hectic side. Lots of things were juggled so that we could make our trip to Pennsylvania for the holidays and I wouldn’t trade anything for the world. I spent a lot of time getting all of the orders packed up and made and ready to go for y’all and then from there we had to also focus on the actual holiday. I am notoriously that person that waits until halfway through December to actually start Christmas shopping. It’s been at least four years running that I’ve done this and each year I make myself panic even worse than the last year. In true me fashion, I started on the 14th of this month and ended up finishing just two days before we left to come to Pennsylvania. We made this trip in hopes to see family and friends and we are for filling those hopes. We are also enjoying our time by just relaxing at different points of the day and just being ourselves together. I cannot even begin to explain how tired I am just from the pure enjoyment of tasks that we are doing. Lots of visits and lots of presents. Lots of food and lots of happiness. But I am feeling it on my body. So I wanted to take a moment and say hello everybody. We are still here. We have been quiet, but the L&R Aromas blog is still alive. Hopefully by this time next week, we will have a little bit more spunk in our systems and we can actually start blogging a lot more than what we are in this current post. But I just wanted to take a moment and say that we are so thankful for everybody, I plan to write another post and just literally gush on you guys. But for right now Christmas is done and it’s the day after we still have a few of our get together’s left but I just wanted to take a moment and say we are here we love y’all, and we are so thankful for your support. On the more personal side we enjoyed being able to get together with families and we are very blessed to be using a camper in our trip here to Pennsylvania. But let’s be real there have been some funnies on the way so let’s say a few of those.


The first night that we were here we took the time to get ourselves settled in and really enjoyed our time together. The next night we had been out all day hanging out with family, and it was raining and windy and very very cold. Which meant by 10:30 at night when we try to get into the camper door we could not because our locks were frozen and we could not open our camper door. After running to a few different gas stations and all the way to my mothers house we got supplies that we need to try and open the door. Sadly, this attempt did not working and we had to actually have my in-laws come and help us open the door. Literally they were here for three minutes and then they open the door, so we are so thankful for them. Finally got into the camper about midnight and off to bed by one in the morning. Now you think that would be one of the biggest struggles but the worst part was my husband also broke a key in our lock so he had to get that pulled out. Meaning we now had to run out the next day and get multiple copies of our keys made for our camper. We also have no running water currently in the camper because our pipes have been frozen. Our bathroom started working again but now the system to drain out all of the tanks is frozen. We’re hoping by Wednesday with all the warmth will be able to actually start having things running and we can start emptying all the tanks. We have had to use the bathhouse here at the campsite to get all our showers and then I had to do laundry and dishes at my mothers house so I’ve been carrying loads of stuff over to her place whenever we needed it done. Thankfully, obviously with the holidays we are able to be at everybody’s houses so we don’t need as much food made here and that way we don’t have as many dishes. But obviously laundry we have to keep ourselves clothed and it means a little bit of laundry time.  Simple things, but it is been an eventful trip to say the least. We have three days left and on the fourth day we will take and be heading home, three days including today because we still didn’t have our start of our celebrations just yet. 


This has been a trip that has really honestly helped rejuvenate myself and giving me the fire back in my desires of doing different things around the house and being the person that I wanted to be. I may be extremely exhausted right now, I kid you not my face is puffy and I am just so drained, but this trip is definitely started working on the positive side and I am feeling ready to get home and to start doing all the dreams that we have. I’ve taken the time to do some blogging for our homestead and for this blog but soon we’re going to sit down and have a meeting with my husband and we’re gonna start working on planning out more of the year for L&R Aromas. I have so many dreams and ambitions that this past year I’m not gonna lie I was not anywhere close to where I wanted to be. But I also have to understand that my health took a massive toll this year. My health was not the sole reason but it was a big part of it. So with that I am planning to sit down plan out the entire year and we’re going to get our butt in gear and we’re going to make those dreams happen. Because I am ready to take and make L&R Aromas the business that I’ve always dreamt of. My husband has been nothing but an amazing support and within the last year or two we have really pushed this business further than what it was before, but I have such a long ways to go until I get to where I want to be.  So this is my point where I’m going to say we are here, we are freezing our toes off, but L&R Aromas is going to be the focus for this year. I plan to push this business further than I have and I can’t wait for y’all to watch. Now, if you excuse me, I need to put those words in the action, and start planning. So let me just take a moment and say get ready because y’all are coming with me on this journey. Social media on Instagram and Facebook. I will be posting all the time and will honestly like I normally do have dormant seasons where I just don’t post for a little bit. But we’re gonna have fun and we’re gonna enjoy this time together so let’s get started in this new year. You will see all the post next week, all of the blogs everything next week we’re coming in hot just like a fajita. And if you know me, I really enjoy that saying I don’t know why, but it’s my funny side.

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