R&R For L&R

R&R For L&R

We spent the most wonderful two weeks at the beach taking time to rest up and relax. Well when I say we, I mean my dog and myself for the first week and then my entire family the following week. Im pretty sure in the next month I suggest trying to take some self care time and planning a trip away on your own. As mothers, entrepreneurs, homesteaders, or whatever your title is, it is a lot and sometimes you need to restore that body of yours. 


The first week I spent the time literally doing whatever I wanted during the day for the sole reason that I didn’t actually have to do anything. It was such a wonderful change of pace to be able to wake up whenever, go to bed whenever and literally do whatever I wanted. I still woke up at my typical time in the morning but was able to be lazy and chill in bed. The ability to just go with the flow is not typically something I personally can do with my every day life so a trip where that is what happened, it really was refreshing. I may have gotten myself burnt a little by sitting on the beach and just enjoying being out in the sun but I think that was an ok exchange. 


Walking away from a trip like this, truly actually left me feeling refreshed. I know that being back home it is stressful with every day tasks and typical work but it definitely helped my mindset. I feel like I have a better mentality to tackle all of these tasks and a renewed drive. Work is a pretty stressful thing when it comes to being an entrepreneur but I have been feeling like I can handle it better. It may just be the fact that it’s a fresh, just got back from the trip feeling but for the time being I am feeling so excited to be able to get back to work. 


We are going to get back to our typical content now on the blog but I wanted to take a moment and give the fastest and smallest update that we took time off for some R&R! The next blog post we will be sharing is going to go in hand with some of our social media content for this month. Im not gonna lie, I am excited for this one! This was one of those ideas that came to mind that I truly got way too excited to make and now share with you all! Get ready for more self care with L&R Aromas in the month of June! 

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