Not Your Average Week

Not Your Average Week

This week has been full of trying to get some more new things made for the candle business. A scent that was on back order finally arrived so we have been working on making those candles so they can go out to stores. I had a little 4 oz bottle worth in the house but I needed more for how many I was planning to make. Finally it arrived and the mass candle making happened. I also have been working on dehydrating many different things for pot simmers. We will have new pot simmers and room sprays available this weekend. I have all of the room sprays made but now I am waiting for the pot simmer supplies to finish! Not too much longer until I have those ready! 


Now let’s talk about one of the more exciting things that has happened here at the L&R Aromas house. We have been waiting for our last two goats to give birth and finally Wednesday March 22nd was the day. Wednesday was also their due date but there is always a chance that we do not have the correct due date. In reality much like human pregnancy, not always does the goat get pregnant on the first try. Now the down side is with human pregnancy we can find out by the following month if it was successful by menstruation. Well with goats you do not have this “luxury” but that is also why for us we put our goats together for at least 3 months. We had the due date of March 22nd based off when we first put the goats together. (When I say put the goats together I mean females and males. Usually we keep them separated) 


Well right on the dot we had the last two momma give birth. One of them we did not catch but my husband has a video camera set up in the shed so we can see the goats. Well like how it usually goes we just randomly found a baby goat in the stall with its momma. This is normal but we were sad as we had spent the day randomly checking on her and looking on the camera to see how she was doing. So we missed it!


The second momma though, Jeremy checked the camera again for her and immediately called me to inform me that she was in labor. I went running outside real fast. Let me be very clear, if I am running on the homestead there are very few reasons why and usually it means you should run too. My reasons to run: I found a reptile of some sort, my kid/husband/ friend is injured and lastly something is wrong with an animal. But solidly 9 out of 10 times I am running because of an animal. Any who, I went running. Got out there in time to see she was pushing and finally she laid down to continue to push. It may have taken her around 10 minutes to push out her first baby and then another 5 or so minutes to push out her second baby. Both came out perfectly and healthy! 


For this years goat kidding season we ended up with 7 babies from 4 mommas. We only had one beginner momma this year and the rest have had kids before. Overall we had a great turn out but gosh I can say I was a tad bit emotional watching the goat birth. Something so wonderful and powerful watching life happen on the homestead. 


A little glimpse into our world on the homestead. Hopefully y’all enjoyed it! 

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