Not How I Was Planning My Week To Go!

Not How I Was Planning My Week To Go!

The reality is that some days we just do not get as much candle work done as we truly hope. The next month is truly going to be a bit of a mess for myself and eat the current moment I have been working hard on preparation. At the current moment though, I am at a point where I need to get a lot of the work done now. It is the back end of the business that not every one sees but its the nitty gritty to make this business run. Seeing as I am really trying to grow this business, I have also taken the time to truly put more effort into the back end or the business side of everything. But this week said “nah, we are going to mess that up for you.” 


I think a lot of you can relate to this. It’s one of those times that a lot of us have these moments and we just start to struggle with the stress. So first off, I have been trying to do different forms of self care through out this entire time. But let me explain first just how this weekend and week has gone. Once I do then I think you’ll see where we can relate and I hope you will see just how you need to react too! We are slowly going to learn together that we need to take care of ourselves. 


I spent the entire last week running from one thing to the next. From one struggle to the next and it just was a bit of a mess. Personal things, friends having struggles, my body struggling, and more. So by the time the weekend came around, my body was struggling majorly. My family left Thursday for a trip to visit my in laws and I stayed behind to keep the homestead running. I figured this would also double as time to work on candle things too. But by the time Saturday rolled around, I was dead tired. My body was spent. I couldn’t think of anything or become productive at all. Then Monday I ended up fighting a chronic illness episode and that was the day I had planned to work the most. I figured I could get the majority of my tasks done then. Tuesday was my husbands birthday so we spent the day celebrating him. Now the day that I am writing this, is Wednesday and I just spent the day running around again until about 4 pm when I finally got the chance to start work. 


So many plans in place to be able to get all of the work done but yet nothing went the way that I had planned. It happens to us all. It seriously is a standard issue that we all struggle with but it’s how we deal with it that means the most. Now let me buffer this first and say that, no, I do not have all the answers. I do not do everything correctly. I struggle all the time too. But we got to stick together. So here is what I learned this weekend/ week. 


We need to take the breaks that our body is asking for. We need to enjoy the fun times. If our plans change, it’s ok, it may be a struggle but we will work through it. Monday I couldn’t do anything and now its Wednesday and I am finally getting a lot of the work done that I planned. We just need to understand that taking care of our bodies first is way more important than doing damage control. Think about it, it takes more to recover from an injury or sickness than it does to be proactive and take care of yourself first. For example, I may see the cold season is coming so I will start taking elderberry syrup to help my system defend against those germs. That is more productive than getting hit with a nasty cold. Now yes we all get sick but that is the example that came to mind and I know it will make sense to us all. But put that into the action of self care. It is better to take the time to do self care for yourself before you come to a point of too much “damage.” 


Im still learning this all myself because it is so much easier for me to go head strong in the project list than it is to actually take care of myself. But we as people need to know that we have to take care of ourselves too. Remember to take those moments! Something small, you can start with 5 minutes or maybe a few little 5 minute breaks. Whatever you can spare, try it out. Help yourself so you can be that person you excel to be! 


Have a good weekend y’all! Practice that self care!!

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