New Year- Here We Come 2023!!

New Year- Here We Come 2023!!

Wooohooo!!!! Y’all it has been a bit of a week! I am all about routine and I absolutely love sticking to some form of a routine during the day. Usually I start and end the day with cleaning up the house a little. Somehow it still gets messy during the night even when we are all asleep. How? I truly am not sure at all! It just happens though. Then I start with work or homeschooling my kids, followed by any of the random tasks needed to be accomplished with the house and life in general. Not too crazy but its a good flow. It works out well with being able to balance everything.  But y’all, there has not be any form of routine lately. 


We spent an entire week up in PA visiting our family and it was a wonderful time. But the struggle has been since we got back. I have not been able to figure out which way is up and honestly don’t remember what day of the week we are on. I for some reason thought it was Tuesday instead of Friday and so on. We haven’t been in any form of routine except for the standard needing to clean up the house. But that legit where it stops on our routine. 


It’s now the start of a new week and I am seriously struggling on the need to get back into the routine. So here is my plan… Im going to restart the routine. Yes I get that that sounds easy and it is but we all also know its a tad bit of a struggle right after we took the time to relax. So starting today, I am going to start back up with the getting up in the morning, cleaning up, work or homeschool, other daily tasks and finish up with cleaning up the house. Simple I get it but I can honestly say the urge to be lazy is strong with this one. But when the dream is burning and you have so much passion flowing, it’s time to push through and get down to work. 


This isn’t my typical post but this is a glimpse into my side of things. The mental struggle is real but I plan to push through! So for this week blog I am posting this more so as an accountability post for myself. To remind myself that I may not feel like doing this but my body is really and I am ready to push and work towards the dreams. Now let’s start with tackling this to do list and then once that’s done we will come up with more ideas to work on the dream. 


How are you all pushing toward your dream today? 

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