Let's get all the deets!

Let's get all the deets!

Hey Y’all!


It has been a few weeks since we have taken the time to blog. With busy season around the corner, I do plan to start back up with the blog. At the current moment we may take a little longer of a break before diving back in but we will be back! Same with our emails! We have sadly had a lot going on in our household and I truly took the time to just be present and put my time to the things that needed it. 


Recently we had two trees fall from a horrible storm. One onto of our camper and the other on top of my fathers truck. Both will be able to be fixed but this was definitely a huge emotional moment. Obviously we had to do lots with insurance, call a tree service to help take the tree off our camper, and clean up/ break down the trees. We finished this and the weekend after I was away for a much needed friend time. Once home, I was thrown back into the thick of cleaning up more of the trees and started to chop the wood as well.


The following weekend we celebrated my daughter’s birthday (a few weeks later than her actual birthday) with all of her friends and some family. But the following week the kids became very sick. Bentley ended up with a viral infection and an ear infection. Skylar thankfully was just sick. We ended up at the doctors office this week and that is when the doctor diagnosed both kids. Now two days after, both kids are up on track to feeling like themselves! 


With all that has gone on, I have barely kept my head afloat. I have been in full mom mode and housewife mode. The time has been spent cleaning and taking care of the kids. I spent an entire day deep cleaning and organizing their bedrooms so they could have a space that felt more relaxed while being sick. But mostly we have been busy trying to keep up with everything. Now that they are on the mend, I feel like I can maybe get back to doing more work! So this is my, Im still here. We went into survival mode. I quit a lot of work for a short stint but I am looking forward to being back! 


Shout out to all that have ordered during this time. My turn around times were a tad bit slow! Everyone has been so understanding! 

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