Homestead Strong!

Homestead Strong!

This past two weeks has been a fun one but definitely more so focused on the homestead side of my life. I am noticing that I need to work on balancing everything a little bit better than I do. When I sit back I notice that I go hard core on one thing and kind of forget about everything else in my life. So for the past two weeks I have done the minimal for business and really focused on the homestead. To which, that’s completely fine except that I do have a decent chunk of work to get done every week. The balancing is off and I really need to work on getting it back onto schedule. But before I do that, let me tell you a little about the past week! 


For the past about two weeks we have taken the time to clean up the homestead. One of the things we have issues with on the homestead is we get into like a survival mode. With multiple trips this year and just every day life, we have been doing the minimum to keep up. To which is truly not bad at all but let me be honest some of those weeds were a little high! Those projects were the ones on my radar! 


I spent the time mowing the yard, pulling weeds, cleaning up messes, putting things away and having bonfires. To which listing this out now seems to not be too much of a task but when you think about how much we actually did per task, that’s where it gets a bit long. I would say mowing was probably the fastest task on my to do list. But I made sure to spread out the tasks through out the week. Even with that though I would average at least 6 hours a day outside working hard and then coming inside to work on the house. To which as you can assume easily, my house has taken a hit too! 


So as I am writing this (Monday evening), I have taken advantage of the storms we had today and spent the time inside. Well after feeding all of the animals and one last clean up around the homestead to be ready for the storms. I didn’t want any tools to be left out during the rain we are expecting. But once inside I have been taking the time to actually clean the house, clean up the house and finally get some work done! I finally got that one load of laundry out of the dryer after being run about 5 times to get the wrinkles out. 


As I sit back, I do feel so proud and successful on what all I have been able to get done on the homestead. It truly is an accomplishment to get so much finished in such a short amount of time. But I also am so thankful for today that I have been able to get some of the house cleaned up and more of the business side of candles worked on. We still have a lot to finish up this week but the week is young and we have a lot of time to accomplish those tasks!!!! 

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