Here's to new things!

Here's to new things!

Good Morning, 


Welcome to L&R Aromas blog. This is a space where we will work on showing you more of the family behind L&R Aromas. Every week we will do a weekly recap on what all has gone on with us. Our hope is that this is a way for you to get to know us a little more. A way to feel like you can get closer to the family behind the business. 


Each week we will be working on telling stories, updates on the candle business and all the randomness in between. Let’s be real, we know I can go off on random stories real quick. But the kids can be funny too. So we plan to keep you updated on the stories that even the kids speak out! 


So welcome to the new blog. We hope you enjoy the funny stories that we have along the way! Shall we begin soon? 




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