First Full Blog, Let's See How This Goes!

First Full Blog, Let's See How This Goes!

Saturday: A whirlwind kind of day when we woke up and immediately went full force into helping mode. Our friends Chelsea and Zach were getting married that day and we were fortunate enough to help with the wedding. Jeremy and the kids did not arrive until before the wedding but I was up and going since the morning. We took a slow start to the morning and then soon to be married couple and myself went to a barn to decorate with some of their family! They pulled a spooky Halloween theme in a classy form and I was all about this! Probably the best part to the entire day was being able to watch my friend get ready to marry her soon to be husband. She had hair and make up done, dressed in her black gown and I even had the chance to drive her to the wedding. With tears welling up, I watched as they said their vows and were married by Chelseas father with family and friends gathered around. We came home that evening and I crashed hard! 


Sunday: Coffee didn’t even touch the sleepiness that was felt in my bones. With every sip there was a moment of hope that maybe I would feel it working…. But that was a strong no. With a sleepy walk our family went for groceries and back home to start making chicken broth. Once the broth was started I managed to pull myself away for a few minutes to start packing up a wholesale order that was due out on Monday! These are seriously one of my favorites. In reality I just enjoy packing up orders because its really entertaining to see the scents orders all together and heading to their new home. Now with new packaging material it genuinely makes me excited to watch everything come together! Hopefully y’all are enjoying these new packaging essentials. 


Monday: We started the morning off with feeding the animals on the homestead just my husband and I. He usually is the one that takes care of this every day for our family but that is something I want to get back to helping with. There’s something about starting your morning off with a crisp morning air and being with the homestead that truly sets the tone for the day. Once we finished feeding all of the animals I started in on our second day of chicken broth. We managed to finish broth making and part of the canning before we left to head to a friends house for trick or treating. We arrived early to her house for the obvious reason of needing to take time with her great danes. One is named Kane and we all chuckle that for some reason that boy is obsessed with me. For a dog that’s not mine, he knows how to melt my heart in a matter of 5 seconds. With a few minutes of pup time, we were on our way to stop by everyones houses. Once the evening was done we came home to finish the last round of canning chicken broth in the pressure canner and then off to bed we went. 



Tuesday: I was feeling it again. The exhaustion was once again strong in my system. This day we actually were working on making ketchup. Our neighbor also loves to garden and he actually had extra tomatoes and hot peppers that he dropped off for us. I used the tomatoes to make ketchup and for some reason this round took me once again almost all day to make. It seems like canning this week has taken me all day to finish the one canning project. This was also the day that I caught up on all of the laundry in the house. Don’t worry, I surprised myself too. Haha! 


Wednesday: This day we yet again had another day full of chicken broth making. Our third day and thankfully the last for the next few weeks. We finally caught up on that project and I can take a moment to pause on canning. The exciting part of the day was that we had our new camper delivered in the afternoon. We upgraded to a 5th wheel and our old camper went back to PA to a new family and the blessing of a camper is still living on! We spent the night cleaning the camper, making dinner, wrapping up candle orders, starting on the massive computer side of the candle business and starting in on planning. The computer side is actually not something you see much of as I started to realize that I don’t genuinely talk about this task. It is strangely just as big as the making of the candles. To which sounds genuinely strange to say the least but hey its part of the small business process! This blog, our email and in my stories on Instagram will be the places where you see this more often! 


Thursday: It was prep time for my mom coming down visit this weekend. My mother wanted to come and help with one of my events as she hasn’t been able to do so in such a long time. So why not come down to visit and help with the event. But seeing as I just spent the last few days canning and destroying my house, it is time to actually clean up now! Once that was finished we got some stuff moved out of my room and to the camper but next week I will unpack that all to organize! Once that was finished we got ourselves ready for the evening running and headed out. First stop was to the chiropractor for myself. We have taken this step to help heal my body and see if this will help improve my chronic illness health. I personally felt pretty good but my Chiro noticed my shoulder was trying to start acting up. By the end of the weekend I am sure I would have felt it! But he adjusted it and while I may have walked away a tad sore, I know in the morning I will be feeling 100%. Then we were off to Karate! Both kids take lessons and are at different belt levels but you can see that they enjoy the time. This momma needed to take it a bit slower so we are down to once a week that they attend classes but next round we will be doing 2 nights a week again. 

Mom ended up arriving around 10:20 pm and immediately we got her set up into the camper for morning surprises for the kids! 

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