Family Trip and Scent Change Over

Family Trip and Scent Change Over

This week was a crazy one. I know I say that often but like that’s the best way to describe it typically. We spent the 1st-5th traveling/ in Arkansas to visit our friends on their homestead. We spent time starting to build a high tunnel, helping with bottle pig babies, work and lots of time hanging out! The kids had a blast meeting new friends and playing the entire time away. So much so that they both slept almost then entire drive home. Shoot that drive was 15 hour because of all the pit stops and the traffic but the kids on the way home just took the time to relax! 


Monday was that day when I spent the entire time doing load after load of laundry. I am thankful to finally be caught up on all that needed to be done but oh my word was that a lot to do. We also went for groceries to restock the house and then I continued to spend the time cleaning up the house from us coming home to destroy. 


Tuesday was the busiest day for myself! It was Spring and Summer scent change over day and we went to 3 different stores to get them stocked with the new scents. I attempted to share the whole time with you on social media but technology was not on my side that day. I tried everything and then finally decided it was time to quit. But once I got home from changing everything over, it was time to organize and take an inventory of all that we had picked up. We sent that to all that are on our email list so they have first pick of items to purchase. Then I continued on my pile of laundry and managed to finish it all that day. 


Wednesday was my favorite day so far! I mean can you blame me though? I had tattoo time and added my 12th and 13th tattoo to the mix. One was of our sweet Kaia that passed February 1st and the other was of a lion. The lion is a reminder of strength and faith. Both highly needed when fighting the chronic illness fight. I am the person that will do whatever I can to help myself mentally with the chronic illness side and this simple tattoo is one of those things. Once home I took the time to chill out some as I have just spent the last week doing things that really excited me that I knew it was time to calm myself before I had any issues. When I prolong the periods of excitement that is when the chronic illness episode flare with furry. So a simple relaxing time is what is needed! 


Thursday, the day I am writing this, was spent with my kiddos and getting random tasks done. The kids and I spent 30 minutes to an hour searching for my daughter mouth guard for karate as she didn’t know where it went. Y’all it was with her sparring gear but hiding. She couldn’t find it but the moment mom went to look where she was adamant that it wasn’t, that’s exactly when I found it. Haha I should have just started with the gear! But the funniest part was when my son goes “ well I didn’t find the mouth guard in the sugar!” Why was that his first place of thought on where the mouth guard would possibly be hiding. Kids train of thought really surprise me. After goofing around with the kids, we got ready for Karate and now as I am typing this we are sitting at Karate as my kids practice. Tonight I will be ending the time running for a few groceries and then going home and crashing. I feel the sleepiness as I type this! But I look forward to this weekend and all that we have planned! 

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