A Weekend Full of Travel

A Weekend Full of Travel

This past week/weekend we spent a chunk of time traveling to Tennessee for the Homestead Festival. With a camper, 2 kids, 5 dogs, a bird and a hedgehog in toe, we made the trip with such ease. Truly the day of travel to start was probably the best day we’ve had in a while for traveling. Once we got to the campground we set up pretty fast, got the dogs all situated in the camper and then headed out to help set up the space that our friends were setting up for the event. My husband, Jeremy, and I were attending this event mainly to help out with this booth space. Once we were finished with set up, we ended up heading out to pizza with a different friend and her kids. A night spent eating, having cigars, laughing and connecting was the perfect way to spend the first night at this event! 


Friday and Saturday were spent seeing lots of friends and making new ones. We helped with the booth space and joined in on many wonderful conversations. I managed to hear about how one lady said she lost her cows and had to hire a gentleman that rounded up cows for a living. First off, genius job tactics. Second, I am now sitting back thinking I need to find these types of contacts local to me! We don’t have cows but Id love one down the road. Any who, we spent a lot of time just being around so many people and enjoying the time to connect with like minded individuals. 


Sunday we headed out on our adventure home. There was a pretty bad wreck on the high way and we ended up being able to watch the entire rescue process. Seeing as it is not my story to tell I will keep that one off the internet. But let me say, we have been praying for the families involved. After a few hours of waiting we were back on the road and managed to arrive home around 7:30 at night. By the time we unloaded the camper it was time for us all to head to bed. I was downright exhausted! 


The rest of the week has been spent trying to get back into the swing of things. The to do list is feeling heavy on myself right now but we still have some time before all of it needs to be finished. I would typically keep writing for you all to see what exactly went on but let me tell you a little secret. I typically try to have this written out during the week and then add to it as the week goes on. This current week I can already see that I truly need to just take some time to hunker down and pound out that to do list. With a camper needing cleaned out, catching up on laundry, restock the camper, work, standard home life tasks and the outdoor tasks, I am just going to stop while I am ahead this week and say I know I can not continue to update this week! I love blogging but this is one of those moments where Im going to take care of myself right now! I’ll try to update you all on our stories this week! 

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