30 Days of Self Care - June 2023

30 Days of Self Care - June 2023

You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first. 


We always seem to be continuously pushing ourselves past the points that are good for our bodies. Maybe we miss the warning signs or we just completely ignore them. Either way it is easy to run ourselves into the ground when we truly need to remember to take care of ourselves too! 

So below we have taken the time to come up with daily self care that you can practice as the month goes on! Take those few minutes to practice self care every day because you deserve it! We have to take care of ourselves too even when we don’t think we can spare the time or feel like we need to practice self care. It is such a great habit to get into and to really give yourself opportunities to break up the normal day to day tasks! 


Here We Go!!! Knock these out this month! 


June 2023 - Self Care Challenge: 


1st: Start a Gratitude Journal

2nd: Listen to a podcast 

3rd: Give yourself a facial.

4th: Find an inspirational quote! 

5th: Morning Yoga session

6th: Revisit a childhood hobby

7th: Visit a Bookstore

8th: Make your own list of self care tasks you enjoy that you can accomplish under 10 minutes

9th: Try out a new snack that you’ve seen at the store. 

10th: Weekly self reflection time. 

11th: Have a BBQ

12th: Listen to your favorite song

13th: Do a Random Act of Kindness

14th: Make your own popsicles 

15th: Enjoy the sunset

16th: Grab your family or friends and go out for some ice cream! 

17th: Mix up a sweet treat! Try a new dessert recipe!

18th: Take some time out in the pool or sprinkler! Water day! 

19th: Practice Mindful Breathing

20th: Make your favorite meal! 

21st: Wear what makes you feel good! 

22nd: Write out 10 things you love about yourself! 

23rd: Reflect on what you would like to improve on and start one of those things! 

24th: S’mores Charcuterie Board!!! Bonfire and a variety of toppings for your s’mores!

25th: Go on a nature walk or hike

26th: Take yourself out on a date! Coffee shop time counts! 

27th: Go for a bike ride!

28th: Start reading a book! 

29th: Try a new coffee recipe! 

30th: Write out goals for the month of July! 


All of these tasks are ones that you can try to add into your day! I truly hope you take some of these ideas and enjoy them. You truly need to remember to add in the self care to your day! Have a blast this month y’all! 

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